Date: February 24, 2021

Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Location: Online

Feb 24, 2021: “The 3-Step Funnel for Communication” – Annie Purdue Olsen- Webinar

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Funnel Your Conversations into Productive Dialogue

Improve communication with clients as well as your whole team! And your family, too!


Make the conversations that matter more productive and relevant. Expand dialogue to co-create action, promote ownership, and identify innovative and collaborative solutions. In this training we will engage a 3-stage funnel framework and practice skills to facilitate effective and productive dialogue with team members, colleagues, clients and bosses to work better together.


  • Introduce the coaching funnel approach to conversations
  • Explore and practice ways of asking and framing questions
9:30 Conversation and Communication Styles 
                 Introductions (Elevate Life Staff) Announcements / introduction by Elevate Life
Intro Annie Agenda (Annie) Introduction to the Conversation Funnel Model
Practice funnel conversations
9:40  Introduce the Conversational Funnel Model PPT   EXPAND – Expand conversation for clarification / perspective  SORT – Explore obstacles / opportunities and analyze impact ACTION – Make choices on next steps / follow up 
9:45 OPENING (Clarification/Perspective) PPT

Open Ended Questions

Choose curiosity – assume you don’t know

  • Summarize or paraphrase than pause for a response

Questions to avoid

  • Leading questions (Do you think…? Do you want…?)
  • Yes/No or one word questions (Are you? Can you? Is it this/that?)
  • Judgment questions (Why did you? How could that happen?)


Large Group Activity: Convert closed questions to open ended questions PPT

                   As a next step on your career path, why don’t you consider going back to graduate school? What about taking the high road to set things straight by meeting the customer halfway on the invoice? Was there something else you could have done to make the situation turn out better? Why didn’t you give your team more advance notice about the meeting? Pair up and practice (PPT instructions, then break out rooms) by 9:55 a.m. ü First person share “What is a current challenge you are facing?” Second person only ask open ended question or summarize (no advice, no conclusions, no decisions, no answers, no recommendations, no brainstorming) After 5 minutes SWITCH
10:10 SORTING: Obstacles / Opportunities
             Exploration Questions Think about how, what, where, when kinds of questions “Bottom-line” or summarize options you hear the other person expressing
Majority of questions are still open-ended
                 Pair up and practice (PPT instructions, then break out rooms) by 10:20 a.m.
Continue the conversation about the current challenge you are facing…
Ask exploration questions or “bottom line” their conversation     (DON’T decide, don’t conclude, don’t advise, DO add brainstorming, add perspective) 
After 5 minutes SWITCH
10:35 CLOSING: Next Steps / Follow Up
               Facilitating Action Questions 
Think about next step questions …
Move toward closed ended questions that facilitate decision / action Pair up and practice (PPT instructions, then break out rooms) by 10:40 a.m.
Continue the conversation about the current challenge you are facing…
Ask defining and taking action questions    
After 3 minutes SWITCH  
10:50 Q&A Live/Chatbox: Type in chatbox or participants can unmute and share
11:00 Wrap Up

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